Space Mission Pinball

My Williams Electro-Mechanical “Space Mission” Pinball Machine.

This Pinball was in pretty rough and grubby shape when I picked it up, the white of the cabinet was yellow with years of smoky bar/pub use.  My Wife and I fully repainted the outside of the cabinet by carefully taping off and repainting the artwork one color at a time, before any paint went on, I also filled and sanded and holes or gouges.  The play field was carefully cleaned and then waxed, about 30 burnt out light bulbs were replaced, and some dirty solenoids and contacts were disassembled and cleaned.  I still need to work on the player select counter, as it only currently works in 1 player mode (I had it working in 2 player after a quick cleaning, but only briefly, I think I need to fully refurb the player counter, if I manually step it, it will score all 4 players properly, so I know there’s nothing majorly wrong).

After Painting:

During re-paint.

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